Is Networking Still Important in the Post-Pandemic Era?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many changes and challenges in the world. The “business world” was not exempt from these challenges and changes.  As we recover from the Pandemic and return to “normal” operations, it is important to remember that the importance of networking is as important as ever!

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We all know networking is important.  Many of us simply got lazy during the Pandemic, even if it wasn’t by choice.  The opportunity to connect with others and build relationships with potential customers and industry contacts wasn’t possible for a couple of years.  Networking can lead to growth – both personally and professionally and help create partnerships and find new customers or clients.  In the post-pandemic era, it is important to remind ourselves that networking is essential for businesses to thrive.  Not only can it help us recover from the downtime during the pandemic, but it can help us thrive in future endeavors.   

Some of this may seem obvious.  I agree.  But here are some key reasons why networking is crucial in the post-pandemic business world:

Make New Connections at Business Conferences

New Connections:

During the pandemic, virtual networking grew at a fast pace and new ways of communicating were enhanced due to the prohibitions for in person contact.    Most of these measures have eased and in-person networking events, business conferences and trade shows are back in style.  These events provide an opportunity for individuals and businesses to reconnect with old contacts and establish new ones. You’re only as valuable as your network.  In-person meetings will enhance your relationships for future benefit. 

Knowledge – Expertise-Innovation:

Networking events and business conferences are the ultimate platform to gain knowledge in an industry.  The hottest topics and recent issues are covered at industries.  If you want a seat at the table, it is critical to stay abreast of current issues in an industry.  These issues are what your clients and potential business partners will be focused on.  We all lost a little bit of that competitive edge during the pandemic and being out at industry conferences and tradeshows will help cultivate innovation and growth!

New Business Opportunities:

Particularly for market suppliers, networking can help individuals and businesses identify new opportunities.  Growth and Expansion are the names of the game!  Opportunity doesn’t generally fall in your lap.  All of my business growth with clients and business partners (strategic relationships) have developed while at industry conferences or at in-person meetings.  Meeting at client sites also provides a great opportunity for happy hours or dinner. Networking always provides a platform to connect with others and find new opportunities to thrive!

New Business Always Good!!

Relationship Building:

As a point of re-emphasis, networking helps build strong relationships.  New business opportunities are great, but knowing others in your industry can be useful.  Nothing can compare to in-person networking when it comes to relationships.  Not only will you develop important long-term partnerships, but friendships will be created that can have a lasting impact.  Individuals and businesses can benefit from these long-term relationships. 

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Don’t be the DRUNK GUY!  It’s okay to have fun, but you don’t want to be remembered for something idiotic.  I’ve seen people walk into cars, make fools of themselves, damage property and many other things.  NOT GOOD!!  Have fun but stay focused.  Hangovers can impact performance, too. 

The importance of networking in business probably goes without saying, but many have forgotten how important it is to success.  Now that the post-pandemic era is upon us plenty of opportunities exist for us all. Whether it’s re-connecting with old contacts, learning about industry trends and hot topics, meeting with potential clients or simply building a relationship, networking is key to thrive and succeed. Stay driven and make the most of networking opportunities when they come up and keep building your network for the future.

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Collin Harbour

Collin W. Harbour is the Principal Founder of C Harbour Services LLC, a business transformation and strategy company that develops strategic plans by aligning sales and plans with company goals, people and process.

Collin is a client growth and business strategy leader with experience identifying new business opportunities, as well as managing and growing client revenues. Through C Harbour Services LLC, Collin focuses on creating customized solutions that deliver valuable services, allowing clients to focus on their core business. He is a Co-Host of Strike a Chord Live Podcast with his lifelong friend, Marcus Ellis. SACL Podcast is a Motivational and Inspirational podcast, with a mix of Nostalgia and Fun! Harbourtime Strategy Talks is a blog and podcast providing strategic content for companies of all sizes.