Hustle Harder: Crush Your 2023 Goals

Hustle Harder in 2023 – Crush Your Goals @collin_harbour #hustle #hustlehard #2023goals #blog

10.5 more months to go until 2024!  2023 is full of hope and possibility and the perfect time to accomplish all of your goals and turn dreams into reality! 

Want to build a business?  Nothing’s holding you back. 

Want to close a big deal?  Close it! 

Want to quit your job and become an independent?  Simple!  Crack open the list and highlight your goals. 

We all have one and we all have things we want to achieve this year.  But the list isn’t going to check itself!  These tips will help provide ways to HUSTLE HARDER!  Buckle, up and grab some coffee (or whatever form of liquid you deem appropriate – no judgement here).   

No Excuses

As the saying goes, excuses are like opinions, everyone has them, but they won’t get you anywhere. Seriously.  Stop making excuses. Quit blaming the pandemic. It’s not your boss’s fault. Why are you trying to blame your significant other? Your dog, really, have you run out of all other excuses? 

It’s your fault that you haven’t pushed yourself to achieve your goals.  Take responsibility and move forward.  It’s not easy, but it can be rewarding.   With a “No excuses” mentality, emphasis will be placed on the fact that you must take responsibility for your actions and outcomes.   Regardless of roadblocks or other factors, hustling harder requires effort and time and does not allow for excuses.  By eliminating the excuses, you can take care of your own destiny. 


You’ve more than likely heard of SMART goals.  I’ll make it in acrostic style for you:





Time-bound goals.

SMART goals will give you a roadmap.  But you must follow it.  Utilizing this method allows for goals that can be broken down into more manageable steps.  They are all important and don’t skip “Time-Bound.”  Time bound goals provide a hard stop for achieving the goal.  Rather than meeting a goal “this year,” a better example might be achieving it by March 31.  Pivoting is okay if needed but stay focused as you strive hustle harder.

Find Your Tribe!

It’s all about the Tribe

Get rid of the people who are holding you back and bringing you down.  This will be critical as you develop a hustle harder mentality.  It is easy to stick with the same crowd, but if they do not motivate and inspire you, it’s time to cut bait.  Find those with similar goals and values and don’t forget work ethic.  This will help motivate the hustle harder attitude but can also provide a level of accountability. Make sure to affiliate with those who stretch you to new limits. 

It should be easy to find the hustle harder crowd.  If not, send me a message and I can provide some places for you to start.  Like-minded individuals will push you harder to achieve your goals!

Organize Yourself and Your Plans

It probably goes without saying, but organization is key to success. Some of the hardest hustlers I have seen are old school and use paper planners to complete their tasks.  It’s okay if you don’t want to use a paper planner, find a technology solution instead.  Make sure the tool helps prioritize your tasks.  We all know how overwhelming it can be, so make sure to maintain control of the list. 


Take Care of Yourself!

The daily grind will be exhausting but remember the ultimate rewards that lie ahead.  Make sure to take care of yourself with a healthy diet, enough sleep and regular exercise.  Building endurance as you hustle harder is key for success. 

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By the way, if you want to see some evidence of the hard hustling crew, take a gander on YouTube!  Watch some of these people as they hustle their way to a fulfilling life.  Personally, a few of my favorites are Noah Kagan, Gary Vee and Thomas Garetz, but there are plenty to choose from.

In conclusion, hustling harder in 2023 is all about taking control! Achievable goals and self-care will help support the hard hustling.  Most importantly, remember that mindset is key to overcoming any roadblocks you may encounter.  Let’s go!

Collin Harbour

Collin W. Harbour is the Principal Founder of C Harbour Services LLC, a business transformation and strategy company that develops strategic plans by aligning sales and plans with company goals, people and process.

Collin is a client growth and business strategy leader with experience identifying new business opportunities, as well as managing and growing client revenues. Through C Harbour Services LLC, Collin focuses on creating customized solutions that deliver valuable services, allowing clients to focus on their core business. He is a Co-Host of Strike a Chord Live Podcast with his lifelong friend, Marcus Ellis. SACL Podcast is a Motivational and Inspirational podcast, with a mix of Nostalgia and Fun! Harbourtime Strategy Talks is a blog and podcast providing strategic content for companies of all sizes.