Harbourtime Podcast Videos

Strategy: Get Started with Kate Bradley of Lately.ai

A timeless message and as important now as ever – recorded for an episode of Harbourtime Strategy Talks Podcast. Kate Bradley Chernis shares a brief story of the catalyst that pushed her to start a new company, Lately.ai. Sometimes you just need to follow to start down the path that your gut is taking you. If you can’t work for other people . . . okay . . . find a path on your own – Solopreneurship or Entrepreneurship may be a good fit. Celebrate your “aha” moments and realize how they can change your life. Make sure you have the presence of mind to recognize when doors are being opened or shut for you! Many times, you will need to go down the journey alone. And by the way, it doesn’t hurt to meet with others to share your journey. You never know when that Angel Investor might just be willing to help get you started.

Start-Up Strategy with Carl Brown of Cavanal Services

Carl Brown of Cavanal Services, LLC outlines some specific strategies for those starting a business.
Make sure you explore all resources available.
Be able to tell a good story – that helps with the visioning and mission. It also helps with investors.
Be sure to have a Plan B for when a Global Pandemic (or other crisis) hits.
Go for it! That’s the best strategy of all.

Personal Branding with Oliseja Saue

If you are going into business today, either as a “solopreneuer” or full-scale business, an effective social media strategy is important to stand out. In order to be profitable, you must first be visible.
After visibility comes credibility.
Visibility and Credibility can be achieved online, through various channels.
Credibility can be achieved through videos, podcasts, posts, articles and even by engaging a third party.
Credibility can help you be seen as a thought leader .
Don’t become irrelevant by lack of online visibility.