5 Tips to Help You Rise Above Industry Standards

Industry standards are the baseline. In order to standout, it is necessary to rise above such standards!  To stand out, businesses must exceed the service levels expected of them. This is the primary way to stand apart from your competitors.  When rising above industry standards, you will develop client loyalty, attract new clients, and improve profitability, which is the name of the game. Here are some tips on how to rise above industry standards in business.

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1. Set Higher Goals and Expectations

Set Higher Goals to Rise

The first step to rising above industry standards is to set higher business goals and expectations. ”Just” meeting minimum requirements is for wimps! You should aim to exceed service levels by challenging your team and pushing them to perform at their best. Set higher sales targets.  Improve standards and implement new technology, which will help exceed industry standards. 

5 Tips to Help You Rise Above Industry Standards @harbourtime #business #strategy #growth

2. Focus on Innovation and Creativity

Focus on Innovation and Creativity

While they seem like buzzwords, innovation and creativity are both key ways to exceed industry standards. It’s easy to follow the crowd, but thinking “outside of the box” by developing new ideas and solutions will set your business apart from others.    New products or services, technology, or a “secret sauce” can help engage your clients and identify your company as a game changer!

3. Provide exceptional customer service

People won’t remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel!  This applies to client relationships, too.  If you want to rise above industry standards, make sure to include excellent client service.   Reputation can make or break your business.  Relationships are key and excellent client service signifies that your business cares about clients.  It is almost immeasurable and can be achieved by personalized service or a loyalty program, to name a couple. 

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4. Invest in employee training and development

Employees are key to help rise above industry standards.  Training and development are key to developing employees and the investment is minimal compared to the loss that could ensue if higher standards are not met.   Your products and services rely on the knowledge and skills of your employees. 

5. Embrace change and adapt quickly

Change is inevitable. Business evolution requires adaptation for companies that want to exceed industry standards.  Your best competitors are embracing change. To rise above industry standards, you, too, must be willing to embrace change and adapt quickly to new trends and technologies. Strategies ranging from marketing to technology will need to be agile in to meet this goal.  As your customer’s needs change, be ready to pivot and lead them on their journey. 


In conclusion, rising above industry standards requires a commitment: to excellence, to adaptation, to clients and employees.  Higher goals will help you focus on innovation while providing above-standard client service.  It will require some work, but your business can stand out in any industry and continue to grow into the future.  

5 Tips to Help You Rise Above Industry Standards @harbourtime #business #strategy #growth

Collin Harbour

Collin W. Harbour is the Principal Founder of C Harbour Services LLC, a business transformation and strategy company that develops strategic plans by aligning sales and plans with company goals, people and process.

Collin is a client growth and business strategy leader with experience identifying new business opportunities, as well as managing and growing client revenues. Through C Harbour Services LLC, Collin focuses on creating customized solutions that deliver valuable services, allowing clients to focus on their core business. He is a Co-Host of Strike a Chord Live Podcast with his lifelong friend, Marcus Ellis. SACL Podcast is a Motivational and Inspirational podcast, with a mix of Nostalgia and Fun! Harbourtime Strategy Talks is a blog and podcast providing strategic content for companies of all sizes.